Think how difficult it would be to list every lost item from a burglary or major natural disaster?

Can you remember all of your possessions? Capitol Home Inventory is a licensed, Bonded firm that provides Indisputable
3rd Party Documented Inventory of Owned Items and Peace of Mind.

What is a Documented Inventory?
A Documented Inventory is a prepared list of owned property, including photographs video and scanned copies of your most important documents. Hiring an objective third-party to assist you saves time, insures the inventory gets completed, is kept up-to-date and above all, provides indisputable evidence of ownership
Indisputable 3rd Party Documented Evidence of Owned Items
Who Benefits?
Homeowners, Renters, Business Owners, Collectors,
Hobbyist, Estate Planning, Moving/Storage
Service Benefits
Insurance Coverage Review, Video and Itemized Documentation,
Property Valuation, Document Locator, Secure Storage,
Annual Updates, Estate/Financial Planning Tool
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Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy is very simple and straightforward. Any information we receive from our clients is considered confidential.
We will not give it out to any third party. Period.
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